Cosplayers.Global, opened earlier in 2018, is a platform designed to allow cosplayers all around the world the ability to connect and enjoy cosplay, without the language barrier that can sometimes get in the way. Creating a Cosplayers.Global profile allows you to create your own gallery, post your own cosplay recipies, celebrate character’s birthdays, and also an event tracker to let you know which cosplay events have been logged on the site.

Addtionally, Cosplayers.Global runs amazing competitions with great prizes, including the chance to attend the World Cosplay Summit Championships in Nagoya, Japan! These competitions are over and above the actual WCS competition, giving you more ways, and more chances to get to the main event!

And the best part? If you’re a Cosplayers.Global member, you’ll gain free access to any of the cosplay competitions at ICON Comics & Games Convention, which includes the WCS – South African qualifiers!

Head over to the Cosplayers.Global website and register and like them on Facebook to make sure you don’t miss out on any of the big announcements. Then keep watch on the World Cosplay Summit – Team South Africa page for all the latest local WCS news!