Secret Origins: The Spider-verse!

The recent “Into The Spider-Verse” movie took the world by storm, and brought the idea of the Spider-verse to the masses. But where did it actually start? Who invented the concept? This panel reviews the evidence recently presented about the true origins...

Fan Fiction Collaboration

We have gathered some great writers together to try something fun, but also to do something never been done before.  Fan fiction is a massive part of being part of geek culture, but collaborative fan fiction aims to test writers in a 5-group setting, start a short...

Sera Blue – The Stories Behind The Stories

Stories are many and varied, but where exactly do they come from? What inspires a writer to write a particular story? In this multi-guest panel, the writers of Sera Blue Publishing discuss how they came across the ideas behind their written pieces.

Sera Blue – Character Development

This panel will discuss how to develop a character that is compelling to readers, one that is flawed, interesting and well motivated.