Live Action Roleplaying (LARPing) is kind of like taking part in a Murder Mystery Party – but you get to choose how your character makes their own story! And the SA LARP Jam team want you to give it a try.

Throughout the weekend, some of SA’s best LARP teams will be running introductory sessions for new (and not so new players) looking to try their hand at this fun and immersive hobby:

– The “Reach For The Empire” LARP team will host a “Star Wars: Catina” themed session, letting you take on a role in the “greatest hive of scum and villainy” this side of Kessel! Are you a Rebel sympathiser? An Empire lieutenant? Can you help change the course of history in one of the most loved fictional settings of all time?

– Urban Fantasy: think Harry Dresden, street magic, vampires and werewolves … all roaming the streets of your city, today. Is yours a path of white light? Or do you need to skate on the black edge to get things done?

Multiple sessions of both LARPS will run regularly across all three days of ICON Comics & Games Convention, and registration will be required – you’ll find the everything you need at the LARP registration area in the foyer of Centre Court. As for costumes or props – everything will be provided.

So why not come and try LARPing on for size? You’ve got nothing to lose and a world to gain!