About Us

South Africa's longest running comics and gaming convention


For three days every year, ICON Comic & Games Convention has created a space in Johannesburg where geeks of all ages and interests can gather, shop and play. The signature event on geek calendars each year has a rich and storied history: ICON has long been the home of national championships, of hard fought tabletop and boardgaming warfare, cosplay competitions, and most of all, loads of fun.

Since 1992, ICON CGC is longest running pop culture event in the country, and on the continent, and has led the way with international guests, live panel presentations and the best in cosplay competitions. So if you’re a hard core geek, or even just a little ‘geek curious’, come along to ICON CGC – we’re sure you won’t be disappointed.

Board games

Board gaming is big – with different options to suit every geek (or non-geek) they’re taking over the table-top and getting families and friends to gather, bond… and maybe argue a little too.


Pick your game, pick your armies, and pick your battle! Like the tin soldiers your dad played with, but much much better.

Collectible card games

Otherwise known as trading card games, these emerged in the 90’s and have been going strong since then. Combining a bit of luck with the strategy of a chess master, these are a firm favorite among their devotees.

Role playing

Dungeons & Dragons spawned a legacy of other games and is still going strong today. Armed with a pencil, paper, a few dice and a bucket of imagination, these games allow friends to spend hours immersed in collective story-telling.

Cosplay and Anime

Icon has a long tradition of showing Anime over the weekend, allowing fans to gather and watch this popular Japanese export. The cosplay also runs along side this and gives people a chance to pay tribute to their favorite pop-culture characters.

Our history

The first ICON Comic & Games Convention was held in 1992 in the Paterson Park Recreation Centre in Norwood. The first event ran over two days and drew a small but intensely passionate attendance, ensuring that it had to be repeated.

Since then, ICON has had three more homes with Jabula Recreation Centre in Sandringham  hosting the event from 2002. There are certain things about ICON that haven’t changed, however: each year, ICON has carried a theme – be it steampunk, the zombie apocalypse or an attack of the 80’s TV shows. The theme adorned mugs and t-shirts each and every year, which have become collector’s items for the avid attendees.

From as early as 1995, ICON has played host to national tournaments for various game systems including Magic: The Gathering, Settlers of Catan, Ticket To Ride and a plethora more. ICON soon established itself as the staple event for geeks and gamers of all types from around the country, often becoming the only inter-provincial trip of the year for fans outside Gauteng.

ICON has also been a long time supporter of charitable causes, with proceeds from the convention as well as the ever popular Comedy Evening going to Lory Park Zoo and SA Guide Dogs.