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Zaid Motala

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“Life Happens In the Moments In-between”

Charismatic entertainer and comedian Zaid Motala is best known for his video feature serials for calendar staples such as Geekfest, Comic Con Africa as well as his weekly giveaways in partnership with various Comic Book & Geek lifestyle stores via his ZHM Entertainment profiles on YouTube & Facebook.

Zaid’s universal appeal and “guy next door” aura makes him uniquely suited to live performances, improv-sketches and crowd engagement as everything is fair game and nobody is safe from his witty rejoinders.

Some notable career accolades for the multi-talented funny man in respect of the local geeko-sphere include having hosted spots at Geekfest, Rage, Comic Con Africa, Icon by the Sea and special appearances at other smaller events and activations.

Currently completing his first tongue in cheek comedy book – “Interludes : Tales of Dating by a Guy” Zaid lends his quirky and zany insight into the modern dating scene to the young (and young at heart) from the perspective of the average everyday guy next door.

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Fan Fiction Collaboration

15:00 - 16:00
Main Panel Area