Isabelle Rorke

AnimationSA – Volunteer - Head of Social Impact and Human Capital Innovation

Isabelle Rorke

AnimationSA – Volunteer - Head of Social Impact and Human Capital Innovation
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In addition to her role as the Volunteer Head of Social Impact and Human Capital Innovation for AnimationSA, Isabelle is also the sole owner and Chief Enabling Officer of Enlightened Poppy Network Pty Ltd (registered and running since 2014), an Executive Producing and consultancy firm. Enlightened Poppy Network Pty Ltd (EPN) is a social Impact Innovation consultancy in the ICT sector with a specialist focus on Human Capital Innovation. The company strategy relies on two pillars: Differentiation and Value Innovation – looking at various strategic approaches to project, company and industry innovation as well as animation development and production.

In 2000, Isabelle started Anamazing Workshop with a partner Dumi Gumbi, creating one of the fastest growing, highly innovative animation companies in Africa. The company’s success can be attributed to their ingenuity, creativity, excellent team selection criteria and innovation. Anamazing went on to lead the way in innovative technology manipulation and design of an innovative training initiative that addressed the black and female skills shortage as well as multiple industry problems which previously prevented long form animation from being produced in S.A.

Isabelle’s career prior to creating Anamazing was spent as a producer for Morning Live, and before that with Penta Publications working for various magazines within the stable, as writer for Tribute and Timbila magazines as well as Editor for Bundukids. After the birth of her second child, Isabelle moved to ETV’s Great Expectations as producer, researcher and writer.

Multi-Award Winning Executive producer and Business Woman:

  • Best Animation at the South African Film and Television Awards (SAFTAs)
  • Regional and National winner of the dti Technology Women in Film Awards
  • Gauteng Economic Development – Winner of the ‘Women in Film category’.
  • Finalist in the African Pioneers of Prosperity Awards –Representing S.A.
  • Most Innovative Company in Africa at the Africa growth Institute Awards
  • Ubizo the Calling – 3 SAFTAs
  • Magic Cellar – Won 29 Awards internationally

Volunteer Services

  • Chairperson of Mappp Seta,
  • The Film Resource Unit,
  • Audio Visual Entrepreneurs association,
  • South African Scriptwriters association,
  • The Independent Producers Organisation

Isabelle was selected as one of 12 women in ICT to attend entrepreneur training at the University of Maryland, Baltimore in the USA as well as receiving an invitation to be an Endeavor entrepreneur.

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