Felix Kessel

Creative Executive


Felix has served as creative director and CEO at some of the country’s biggest brand advertising agencies. Today, he helps connect unusual dots in people and let them find clarity through their haze as an Executive, Creative and Management Coach for the same industry.

In his own words: “what is a CEO if not a Magic Steam Turbine Driver? We have an engine that makes magic. I steer the machine. Which means I also fuel it, fix it and oil it. All while it’s still going. That is what business leadership is all about. Keeping it all on the road while the world throws challenges your way. That’s what makes it interesting. It’s handy that we make magic though – it turns out that the world needs more magic. I guess that anything you do should bring a little more magic into the world. It also means that you serve a higher authority. It mean you’re committed to bringing great people together into a great magic steam turbine that in turn makes great things.”

We welcome Felix to ICON 2019 as he helps creatives in the pop culture industry find their brand and direction.

All session by Felix Kessel

When Is A Logo A Logo?

14:00 - 15:00
Main Panel Area