Douw Pretorius

Geek of All Trades, Podcaster, Writer

Douw Pretorius

Geek of All Trades, Podcaster, Writer
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Douw Pretorius currently co-hosts the Nexus and Geek of All Trades podcasts, bringing his years of geeky pursuits to the table in an effort to spread the joy of geek culture far and wide.

Having spent his university years finding his feet in the wider geeky world, eventually even heading up the Wits Anime and Role-Playing group (WARP) for a time, he found himself picking up what many would claim to be too many systems. He would claim otherwise, even if he can’t fit them all in at one Con.

Always game for competition, tales from the table top, new board games, or even just a discussion as to what the best class in a given system is (it’s always the Bard by the way) you’ll find him taking in all that ICON has to offer.

This ICON, Douw will be heading up the Nexus panel and co-hosting the annual Geek of All Trades Quiz.

All session by Douw Pretorius

Nexus Digital: Gaming Websites in SA

14:00 - 15:00
Main Panel Area