Nexus Digital: Gaming Websites in SA

Ever wanted to know what it is like to write for one of South Africa’s gaming websites? Or just want to know the latest opinions of those that do on everything from Mortal Kombat fatalities to World of Warcraft’s in game store?

Well why not join the team from Nexus Digital as they break all this down on stage?  Get your opportunity to ask them about their experiences in the local gaming scene, what advice they may have for you if you’re looking for your way in, and what they think of the current lay of the land is for gaming in general.

Fan Session: The Riftwar Saga Series

When, in 1982, Raymond E. Feist published his first novel ‘Magician’ a bestselling series was born. Feist’s novel has never been out of print since that time. In 2018, 36 years after its release, the news fans have long waited to hear was announced – the Riftwar Saga will finally be coming to the screen.

In this fan session, the “Release The Geek” podcast team of Les Allen, Vittorio Leonardi and Jade Dave-Midland will discuss the latest news about the series, and talk about what directions the massive world will take on the screen.

When Is A Logo A Logo?

At some point, every business and creative needs to represent themselves to the wider world. Logos, marks, and mascots are a great place to start. Join former advertising executive and CEO Felix Kessel in a discussion about logos: what they are, how they function, how to get the best one for your creative enterprise … if you need one at all!

Building A Brand – A Seminar For Creatives

What is a brand and why is it important? A brand identity is the way you define your business to yourself, external audiences, and your employees. It embodies the core of what your business is and what you value. It’s your tagline, your advertising messaging, the way interact with customers, and so much more…

In an age where new creatives are trying to make a name for themselves in an ever-crowded field, understanding the fundamentals of building your own brand have never been more vital. In this informative session, former advertising executive Felix Kessel gives you the tools to start planning your own successful brand strategy.

Sera Blue – ‘Misfortunism’ Book Launch

This panel will launch Bill Masuku debut novel, Misfortunism, brought to you by Sera Blue.

Misery made into magic is the gift of bending reality to one’s wishes; for the low, low price of one’s suffering. Welcome to the life of an all new Misfortunism as William, a young student, grapples between what is real and what is his failing mental health incarnate in a university town called Graham.

The Business of Pop Culture

Rob Salkowitz is an internationally-recognized expert in the intersection of digital media and social and business trends. He has worked with clients ranging from international corporations, governments and NGOs to small businesses and early-stage startups to engage with specialized audiences, identify new opportunities and articulate their vision for the future. He is the author of four books, contributor to Forbes and other business publications, on the faculty of the University of Washington Communication Leadership Graduate Program, and co-founder of several companies including the digital marketing firm MediaPlant.

Rob writes regular columns on the business of entertainment and popular culture for Forbes and ICv2, and on startups and innovation at OMNI.MEDIA. His work has appeared in FastCompany, Entrepreneur, Bloomberg BusinessWeek and other leading publications.

In short, Rob is the “go to” guy by the business community when it comes to all things pop culture. With the massive expansion of pop culture events, Rob’s insight into the trends that shape these events in unmatched – insights Rob will be sharing with you at this panel.

The Spirit – A Retrospective

Created by the legendary Will Eisner, The Spirit was a masked vigilante who fights crime with the blessing of the city’s police commissioner. At one stage the adventures of the Spirit had a combined circulation of five million copies – an incredible number considering this happened in the 1940s. But The Spirit’s endurance is notable, with stories of the masked crimefighter appearing throughout the 60’s, 70’s 80’s, 90’s … event to present day

Rob Salkowitz grew up on the tales of Denny Colt and his costumed identity, which helped forge his love of comic books. In this entertaining and insightful panel, Rob will take you on a tour through the history of the character, and discuss what makes Eisner’s creation so enduring.

Spotlight: Ominous Press

First published in 1994, Ominous Press has returned to the comic marketplace, creating an entire universe of epic adventure. Led by Chief Creative Officer Bart Sears, Publisher Sean HusVar, Editor-in-Chief Ron Marz, and Art Director Andy Smith, Ominous is committed to telling exciting stories of heroes and villains, supported by some of the best artwork found in comics.

Join Ron Marz and panel host Rob Salkowitz as they discuss the independent company in a world dominated by DC and Marvel, and its successful use of Kickstarter.

Sera Blue – Planning A Novel

Presented by the authors of Sera Blue,  this panel will focus on how different authors plan their novels and provide tips on ways in which you could plan your very own.

Breaking Into Commercial Art

When it comes to your love of art, it can be a daunting leap to make it your daily work and get paid for it. In this informative panel, Caroline Vos talks about the trials and tribulations of breaking into the commercial art scene – and the things you should know when it comes to making that leap.