Spotlight: Caroline Vos

Caroline Vos is a Cape Town based concept artist and production designer, and has worked in the film industry for almost 2 decades, creating art work for animated features and television commercials. Her body of work has also crossed over into the gaming industry, most notably for Riot Games as lead concept on the short film “Curse of the Sad Mummy” a project by Tulips and Chimneys for the League of Legends Brand.

In this spotlight session, we explore Caroline’s path into art and how she developed her incredible range of styles.

ICON 2019 – Kids Cosplay Competition!

ICON 2019 invites our junior guests to show us their best super hero identities for a chance to win the ICON 2019 Kids Cosplay Competition!

A special costume contest just for kids, open to those guests aged 13 and under. This contest will be a “Runway” style event, with no pre-judging. Contestants will be judged through crowd participation and feedback.

Awards will be given for:

– Best In Show

– Best Individual (Age 9 and under)

– Best Individual (Age 10 to 13)

– Best Hand Made Costume (more than 50% of costume must be hand made by the contestant, with family help)

– Best Group

– Judges Award

Competition Rules

  1. One entry per person. No separate entries from the same person.
  2. Any contestant must have a valid day or weekend pass to ICON Comics & Games Convention (available for purchase on the day)
  3. Contestants can enter as an individual or as a group (maximum 6 people in a group)
  4. This contest is open to children and teens 13 years or younger. A family member may walk the stage with the contestant
  5. There will be a limit of 25 entries
  6. All costumes must come from established cartoon, comic book, anime, video or mobile game, manga, movie or novel
  7. All contestants must fill out the entry form on the day
  8. All contestants much be ready at the Centre Court stage 30 minutes prior to the judging
  9. No harmful or potentially harmful materials will be allowed. This includes, but not limited to: water, cigarettes, flames, fireworks, silly string, and any other substance that can be fired, launched, or dripped.
  10. Permission is granted to the Organisers of ICON CGC to photographs and film of the contestants in costumes for future promotions and media relations

We hope to see there!

2018 World Cosplay Summit – South African Regional Finals

World Cosplay Summit (WCS) is the largest cosplay event in the world, with over 30 regions competing each year. In 2018, South Africa became the next member of the WCS family, and the first country in Africa to do so! This year, ICON CGC selects the teams for 2019 and 2020’s events!

We are also honoured to have Takagi Yasuhiro, the CFO of World Cosplay Summit and the man in charge of regional championships, on hand to discuss the WCS and explain what lies ahead for the winners of the South African regional – an amazing ten day trip to Nagoya, Japan! Then, we clear the stage to let the cream of South African cosplay battle it out to find our next WCS winners!