ICON CGC Welcomes The Following Awesome Guests! Stay Tuned For More!

Baka Sakura

Designer, lover of anime, coffee addict and SA Cosplay Legend

Chris Jordan

Radio Producer, Commentator and Trainer

Meagan Marie

Senior Community Manager at CrystalDynamics, cosplayer extraordinaire

Paul Cowan

Comedian and Talking Head

Tokumaru Oguri

President and Founder, World Cosplay Summit

Jason Hes


Raymond E. Feist

Best-selling Fantasy Author

Jason Masters

Penciller and inker, teller of stories with pictures

Yamaki Yama

Cosplayer And Cosplay Judge

Pippa Tshabalala

Presenter, Editor, Writer, VJ, Producer and "Jack of All Trades"

GiantShev Photography

Photographer, Cosplayer, Part Time Amazon


Finest In African Animation

Melt Sieberhagen

Comedian, actor, writer

Sean Izaakse

Comic Book Artist

Jim Zub

Comic book writer, artist and art instructor

Alyn Adams

Comedian, Author & Editor

Carla Harris

The Social Bard

Nikita Boshoff

Reader, Writer

Nick Wilson

Project Manager - African Animation Network

Vittorio Leonardi

Comedian, Geek, And Purveyor of Urbane Myths

Kelan Gerrity

Author, Publisher