ICON CGC Welcomes The Following Awesome Guests! Stay Tuned For More!

Zoe Hawkins

Journalist, gamer, self-confessed geek

Avri Spilka

Psycho-sexual educator, consultant and gamer

Guy Sclanders

Authority on "How To Be A Great GM"

Barry “Anthrax” Louzada

eSports gaming legend and shoutcasting authority

Limpho Moeti

Comic maven, debater, freelancer and podcaster

Baka Sakura

Designer, lover of anime, coffee addict and SA Cosplay Legend

Nas Hoosen

Writer of comics, essays, articles and movies

Arwen Swan

Corsetiere extraordinaire

James L. Sutter

Game Designer, Author, Musican, Possible Time Turner-wielding Wizard

Arthur Goldstuck

Author, media analyst, journalist and tech commentator

The Cosplay Cartel

SA Cosplay Star

Vittorio Leonardi

Comedian, Geek, And Purveyor of Urbane Myths

Sean Izaakse

Comic Book Artist

Tech Girl: Sam Wright

Gadget lover, casual gamer, giant geek and Tech Girl

GiantShev Photography

Photographer, Cosplayer, Part Time Amazon

Marco Cocomello

Editor - MWEB Game Zone

Greg Nell

Illustrator, Cartoonist, Podcaster & Comic Book Encyclopedia

Kinpatsu Cosplay

SA Cosplay Star

Linda “Vampy Bit Me” Le

International Cosplay Guest of Honour

Eryn Gunzenhauser

Artist and Comic Creator

Pippa Tshabalala

Presenter, Editor, Writer, VJ, Producer and "Jack of All Trades"

Rick Treweek

3D Printing, Tinkering, Maker, Game Designer, Creature creator.

Michael Cost

South African You Tuber

Chris Jordan

Radio Producer, Commentator and Trainer

Nikki Bush

Speaker, educator, author, parenting expert

Carla Harris

The Social Bard

Yamaki Yama

Cosplayer And Cosplay Judge