ICON CGC Welcomes The Following Awesome Guests! Stay Tuned For More!

Deep Fried Man

Comedian, journalist

Kelan Gerriety

Writer, Publisher

Douw Pretorius

Geek of All Trades, Podcaster, Writer

Bill Masuku

Artist & Writer

Ruark Swanepoel

CEO 4Ever Odd Pty (Ltd)

Chris Jordan

Radio Producer, Commentator and Trainer

Ashleigh Suffolk

Artist / Sculptor

Les Allen

Wearer of many geek hats

Jade Dave-Midlane

Secret Project Participant

Nikita Boshoff

Reader, Writer

Sam Aberdeen

Editor-in-Chief of Nexus Digital, Writer

Ron Marz

Comic Book Writer

Tylah Woodman

Sound Designer/performer/writer/artist

Zaid Motala


Isabelle Rorke

AnimationSA – Volunteer - Head of Social Impact and Human Capital Innovation

Sean Izaakse

Comic Book Artist

Hannes Brümmer

Actor, stand up comedian and comic book fiend

Rob Salkowitz

Consultant, writer, futurist

Jason Hes


Shelly “Xenorra” van Heerden

Writer, Vice-Captain of WRG-OW, geeky T-Shirt collector

Felix Kessel

Creative Executive

Jason Masters

Penciller and inker, teller of stories with pictures

Keegan Govender

Writer, Assistant Editor

Nick Wilson

Project Manager - African Animation Network

Alyn Adams

Comedian, Author & Editor

Vittorio Leonardi

Comedian, Geek, And Purveyor of Urbane Myths